Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joining the Team

The Discovery Center at the Wycliffe Mobilization Center, where you can visit and learn about Bible translation through interactive exhibits and activities. We spent some time there hearing stories about the Bibleless and what it means to them when they finally get to hear and hold the Scripture in their heart language.

One woman compared it to eating a banana she said, “Reading it in the national language was like eating a banana with the peel on, but having it in my heart language was as satisfying and delicious as eating a peeled banana!” I know I much prefer a peeled banana.

Another woman was excited to have the Bible in her own language because she no longer had to trust others to tell her what it said. She was constantly worried that what she was being told was the speaker's own ideas and not God's Word. This woman is now able to study it and read it for herself and can trust that it is God's Word.

These stories and similar ones exist wherever the Bible is translated. We are excited to be part of Wycliffe and  to contribute to these changed lives.

We are continuing to make some changes to our blog. We want to make it easy for you to be a part of what God is doing through Wycliffe. We have added a button on the right side that will take you to our ministry page on Wycliffe's website. You can sign up to pray for us and/or give financially to our ministry. We are willing to GO, but we need people to PRAY and GIVE. Please consider joining our team.
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