Monday, February 21, 2011

Late Night Rambling

Here I am up late unable to sleep once again.  Its the curse of being the mommy and wife and keeping the home running smooth.  I am constantly thinking of the details.  Life is getting crazier by the week. We are trying to move in 3 months, Orchestra a major career change, and raise 2 young children.  Many people would say any one of those things are difficult, but add them on top of each other and that is our life right now.  We have the end in mind and that is what keeps us going.  

I can't wait for Bob to quit his job.  I know the money will be tight but being able to work side by side will be worth it.  God created us to be a team.  Its hard to be effective when your partner is not with you.  We can only do so much over email and Skype during the day and the kids need our attention in the evenings.  we can't fit it all into each day.  

We can't wait to focus our life on serving God by helping bring the scriptures in to the languages people understand best, their heart language.  We are excited to share the stories we have heard about how literacy and understanding the scriptures changes peoples lives and their whole communities.  But in the meantime we have a 2 year old to raise and an increasingly mobile baby to chase...

We are starting to empty our house of the things we aren't using but we are at the same time buying new clothes because the children are growing.  We are sorting her toys to get rid of things but there is a little brother close behind who will soon be ready for that toy...

We are making a list of our furniture to sell or store.  Most things will be sold the same way we purchase them cheap and in the yard.  We have been blessed to have accumulated nice furnishing for our house but its just a house and we will start again when we get to Nigeria.  So begins our missionary life of being at home everywhere and at home no where.  

We are planning the purchase of a new car while we pack our bags.  For the traveling we will be doing we can't fit our family of 4 in our little car.  The 4 people fit just fine, its the stuff that 4 people need that is in question, especially little people.   
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