Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Missions Today: Pray

Prayer moves mountains by faith. There is power when people pray and it makes a difference in the lives of people. It is the simplest ways to support world missions without leaving our homes. This page on Wycliffe's website has more on “Why We Pray”

We have a world map on our wall and post missionary prayer cards on it of people we have met and are praying for. It is a great reminder of who we can pray for and keep the global mission field on our minds when we see it everyday.

Wycliffe has some other tools to help you pray for Bible translation
  • The Bibleless Prayer Project: You can sign up to pray for a language group that does not yet have the Scripture in their language. When you join, you will receive information about a language group and its speakers, a how-to-pray bookmark, and an annual project update. From time to time, you’ll also receive news about the people group.
  • PrayToday, Wycliffe's Prayer Blog: Wycliffe posts daily prayer requests here, perfect for part of your daily devotional time.
  • Pray for us! We need prayer support to encourage us while we do the work God is calling us to do in Nigeria. Let us know you are praying for us so we can let you know how to pray. Sign up HERE
  • If those aren't good enough reasons to pray, here are some stories of the impact of prayer within Wycliffe. Please pray for us. We need your prayers.

Check out our previous post in this series: An Introduction

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