Thursday, February 24, 2011

Passport Pictures

This past weekend we went to Walgreens to get our passport pictures taken.  Bob and I have current passports but they will expire in the next year and mine is still in my maiden name.  The kids of course will be getting their first ones.

We had been planning to get them for a few weeks and forgot or had sleeping kids in the car.  Saturday we stopped on our way to a picnic.  We unloaded the car and walked in the store to announce we needed 4 passport pictures.  We were told their camera was broken and to go to the one down the street.  

We stopped at another Walgreens further down the road that was on our way to our picnic.  We just told them we needed passport photos not how many.  After the associates discussed who was going to do the dirty work, the lucky one asked who it was for, it was then that we told them "for everyone!"  We mentioned that the previous store couldn't do them and they told us they were being lazy.  The stores can take any camera off the sales floor to use.  So a broken camera was a non-issue.  They got caught!

The kids did a great job and took good pictures.  So it wasn't a big deal at all.  The associate even gave us a $2 off coupon so we got one set of pictures free.  We also discovered we can to them ourselves online so for visa pictures we may try that.   
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