Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dessert Night at CCO

This past weekend was our big presentation at our home church here in Orlando. There were about 30 people present, including some new people that we had not met previously. We shared our stories about how God called us to be missionaries, and why Nigeria is an exciting place to be working with Bible Translation. The jar of M&Ms I am holding in this picture represents the over 4000 languages that do not have any published scripture. We had our audience guess how many M&Ms there were.

Another illustration we shared was a people chain. Although we will not be actively translating scripture we are an important part of the team that it takes to get the work done. Without each link of the chain in place it can add years to the process.
Chris, one of our future colleagues in Nigeria was able to attend and shared the state of the IT department right now. There are 4 different people working with IT in Nigeria but none of them are in an ideal position: either they are unable to commit to it full time or they are working remotely from another country. Chris and his family are in Orlando right now for the birth of their daughter, Jovelle, born only a week ago. We were excited to share our passion with our church family and see them catch the vision for Bible Translation. We also gained several prayer partners and financial partners. We are now at 15% of the needed budget that we need to be released for our assignment. Praise God!

Saturday morning we also had a successful garage sale with a friend from church; one more step to getting rid of the things we won't be moving to Illinois or Nigeria.
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