Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Missions Today: Go

There are mission organizations all around the world that can use your time and skills! As we mentioned previously, there are needs for soul-winners and evangelists, but even if you’re not called to do that, you can help in many practical areas such as construction, maintenance, drama, IT, teaching, bookkeeping, etc. In fact, the 5 areas that Wycliffe has identified as their most pressings needs besides translators; managers, IT, teachers, language surveyors and literacy workers.

One thing that I (Bob) have been involved in on both sides is the Wycliffe Internship program. In 2005 I spent 2 months at JAARS in North Carolina as a technical writer, and this past year I was part of the leadership team that ran the Wycliffe internship program here in Orlando. If you are or know a college student who has a summer free and wants to spend it doing something unique and spiritually enriching, look into it. We have spots for lots of skill sets, including writing, finance, IT, and videography, to mention a few from last year.

In college, I spent several summers on 2-month mission trips with different mission organizations, and I can assure you that almost any mission organization would love to have someone who’s interested come to help out in whatever capacity is available. These experiences were extremely eye-opening for me, and I would highly recommend something like them for anyone who would like to expand their horizons, do something unique and serve God.

Short-term trips are also great ways to broaden your perspective of the world and of God’s ways. Many local churches and organizations organize week-long or 2-week-long trips to do various jobs, and these always have a deep impact on those who go.

Ask God if He’s calling you to look into one of these opportunities. He has a great plan for every one of us who are following Him, no matter where He leads us to be involved!

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