Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sharing at WKPG Studios

This past Sunday we shared with the children's ministry at our church, WKPG Studios (Where Kids Praise God). We shared about why English bibles aren't good enough around the world, by reading from a Hawaiian Pidgin Bible. The verse of the day was Acts 1:8

Jesus Guys 1:8: But you guys goin get spesho kine power wen God's Spesho Spirit take charge a you. An den you guys goin tell da peopo in Jerusalem wat you know bout me, an da peopo all ova Judea, Samaria, an all ova da world.” 

The kids were really impressed when we showed them how many languages there are and how many still need translation work in their language. Here Bob is talking about the “Tumbler” a list of all the remaining Bible-less language communities.

We will be praying for the kids as they fill their rice bowl banks with coins that will be turned in after VBS in June and given to us to help us get to the field.  
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