Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Testify: A New Vehicle

In our February Newsletter we expressed a prayer request and need for a larger vehicle. Our current sedan just doesn’t have enough room for the stuff that we need when we travel and we will be doing a lot of traveling in the coming months. A new vehicle was stressing me out because

A) We don't have a lot of money.
B) We don't need the vehicle for very long.
C) Above all, we need something that is reliable.

I was praying for a creative solution because I didn't know how it would happen; but if we needed it, God would work it out and give us a solution. In our weekly PD meeting with our Coach he suggested looking in to Righteous Rides, a ministry whose founder used to be a Wycliffe airplane mechanic. It's located in St. Louis, MO, and it rents cars to missionaries during their furlough. To support the ministry, they also sell cars that are donated to them. So 3 weeks ago we started looking in to it. Their rental fleet is all booked into 2012, but they did have some vehicles for sale. Long story short, this past weekend Bob flew to St. Louis, stayed with some friends, and picked up our new car, a 2000 Rodeo in great condition and with very low mileage. We are praising God for a creative answer to our prayers.
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