Monday, March 28, 2011

Vero Beach Missions Fair

Lydia coloring while Mom and
Dad set up the table

Occasionally Wycliffe receives requests from churches to have a representative come speak or participate in an event.  We were contacted earlier this month about participating in a missions fair at a church in Vero Beach, FL this past weekend.  We set up a table with about 15 other missions groups.  There was a wide variety of groups represented.  We enjoyed getting to talk to many people and share with them just how many language communities are still waiting for scripture in the language they understand best.  

Bob sharing with some eager church members
We also shared some Chin-Chin with the people that stopped to chat with us.  Its a Nigerian snack, that a good friend taught me to make when we were in college.  The church had a  service Saturday night in addition to 2 services Sunday morning.  They put us up in a hotel for the night.  This was fun because we realized we hadn't stayed in a hotel since we had moved to Florida, over 2 years ago!  

Did you know: It takes 13 pounds of M&Ms  to represent the 7,000 languages of the world, when each M&M is 1 language.  Thats a lot of M&Ms!
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