Sunday, April 17, 2011

Snapshot Sunday: Trains, Daddy, Old Friends

It was Bob's first week at home and we had a really good and productive week.  One of the surprises we had was that an old friend who we had been out of contact with is moving to Florida and was in town looking for an apartment.   We had been close friends in college and had lost touch but through a Facebook update we reconnected and had a wonderful dinner together this week.  Another cool part is that Tope is from Lagos, Nigeria so we were able to ask her question about our new home.  

Caleb and Lydia have been enjoying the extra attention from Daddy this week.  Lydia seems to be a much happier child now that she can get more focused attention and quality time from her parents.  Her love language, at least right now, seems to be quality time.  Caleb is also enjoying the extra attention but it has also become obvious that he has a favorite.  He will reach out from daddy's arms to mommy if she is close by bith a big grin on his face; who can resist that?

Now that we are completely focused on ministry we have decided to prioritize family time.  We had a good model in our college church to have a sabbath day, and to keep it sacred.  Since we are in transition and working from home we have decided this is important for us.  This week we took time to go to Downtown Disney.  Cynthia had 2 free sandwich coupons from one of the restaurants so it made a nice cheap lunch.  While we were there Lydia asked to ride the train so we let her.  She had fun with another girl who was riding as well.  They sat in the engine together.  

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