Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day

Bob took me out for dinner and shopping on Friday before we moved. It was a wonderful evening to relax and for us to connect before the stress of the big move the next day. Saturday night we stayed with some friends from college in Tallahassee while were moving and attended church with them the next morning. After church we went out to eat with our hosts.
The restaurant that we went to for lunch was giving away cupcakes to the ladies for the special day. I had to go to the parking lot during our meal, when a Jimmy John's driver was cutting through, we all know they are crazy drivers. He slowed down and rolled his window down to say Happy Mother's Day to me. This was special since it was unusual. As we were finishing our meal the waitress informed us that women were being given red velvet cupcakes for the special occasion. I enjoyed the special treat.

We drove to Birmingham to spend the night. The first hotel we had picked out, we discovered had no roof when we arrived. It had been severely damaged in the recent tornados that had gone through the area. We were in awe as we saw some of the damage first hand a few weeks after the incident. The third hotel we tried was open for business and had a good nights sleep before hitting the raod for the last leg of our journey. We arrived at our final destination Monday night and unloaded the truck first thing Tuesday morning.  
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