Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vacation Day

Last week we took a day off. Thanks to a friend we were able to visit Disney World one last time before leaving Orlando.  Due to Black-Out dates we could not go to Magic Kingdom but we had fun at Hollywood Studios and EPCOT.  Lydia enjoyed meeting characters and wasn't shy at all.  Mickey Mouse took a special liking to Caleb sleeping in the carrier.  

We ran out things to do at Hollywood Studios so we took a boat to EPCOT and got to see the princesses in their various locations.  When we saw Snow White in Germany Caleb was asleep and Snow White asked Lydia "If she had a Sleepy in her family too?"  
  The kids did very well at the parks.  We were brave and only took a small stroller since you have to park it while you are in line anywhere.  We had a great time and no sunburn.  
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