Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We Made It to Illinois!

Over the weekend we made our big move to IL over three days. We spent the week packing boxes and boxes and boxes. We had some great help along the way, another Wycliffe member volunteered to pack our kitchen, our youth pastor picked up the stuff we were getting rid of for their rummage sale, 2 friends came over just to help pack boxes. And Bob even arranged for a babysitter for an early Mother's Day date night for us, with the help of another friend.

On Saturday, we had eventful loading and moving day. First we thought we were more packed than we were, Second, we had reserved a smallish moving trailer, because we thought no furniture means smaller trailer, only problem was it was too small. We were able to exchange it and pay the difference for a larger one and still had to make some tough decisions at the last minute.
But all the hard work was easier and shared by some great people who showed up to help us finish packing and load the trailer (twice)
Some of the wonderful friends who helped us load the truck.

We spent Saturday night in Tallahassee with some old friends before driving the rest of the way Sunday and Monday.  The hotel we had picked out to spend the night at on Sunday night had no roof when we got there. Tornado damage is still very much in evidence. The third hotel we tried was open.  We were spending the night in Birmingham and got to see some of the storm damage first-hand.  We also saw the flooding in Tennessee and Kentucky while we were driving through.  It was a rather eventful trip but we made it and are settling well to our new home in Carbondale.  The kids are enjoying the extra attention and love from their grandparents and uncle.  

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