Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bob's Thoughts: Nigeria Day 2

Bob is in Nigeria right now as part of a short term trip with Wycliffe Associates.  You can find out more HERE.  This is his second journal from the trip you can see Day 1 Here.  


When we were stopped at the Plateau State border at a military checkpoint searching for guns (and with the fighting in Jos recently they really are serious about looking for guns) our driver told us that if the soldiers ask to see the luggage, he always just says that we're missionaries, and the soldiers just wave him through.

At lunch we ate at the NBTT center; we sat down and there were some people seated in the corner. A man stood up and told us all that he was a consultant who was working with a language group that was in the far north of the country: 25km from the northern border. There are 50 literate Christians (and another 50 non-literate) out of a population of 25,000. They are working on the Luke translation to get a Jesus Film done and will be doing a New Testament after that. He said that right now he travels to Nigeria 4 months out of the year; one month each quarter. He can do no work other than those times. However, he was excited about the BGANs because he said they would allow him to check the translations before coming over and answer questions as they came up, instead of once every three months. He was very excited to see us and that we were installing the BGANs around the country.
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