Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bob's Thoughts: Nigeria Day 3

Bob is in Nigeria right now as part of a short term trip with Wycliffe Associates.  You can find out more HERE.  He is sending his journals back to me on email.  He has not been able to access the internet on his own computer.  This email came from the BGAN system he just finished installing with the C'Lela language, in the far west of the country, near the Benin border.  You can read the previous journals here; Day 1, Day 2


Andy, one of our Wycliffe Nigeria coworkers, assured me that I'll be working mainly on translators' computers; the ex-patriot staff can keep their own computers up mostly, most of my work will be on Nigerian computers, he also assured me that I'll be an electrician, too...

We'll be traveling a long ways; almost all the way to the Benin border of Nigeria. It'll be very dry; it's right on the border of the Sahara, I believe. Daniel, our Nigerian Bible Translation Trust (NBTT) coworker and guide, said that I'll get to see camels there :-). He said they recently turned the C'lela (pron: chi-LE-la) language project over to NBTT from Wycliffe Nigeria group. 

I am also going to be working on the Kambari three-language cluster project, which is one of the very few Wycliffe Nigeria Group-run projects. Andy said they're using it to train themselves as consultants (he, himself, isn't technically a consultant; he's a consultant-in-training).

It's been mostly business so far. The Nigerians we've met are pretty inspiring; seem to be great people to work with. It was cool to hear yesterday as the director greeted us with “your comfort is our comfort”. We are obviously appreciated, which is nice. We are told that the places we visit will be holding celebrations for what we're doing for them, which will be cool.
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