Friday, June 10, 2011

Bob's Thoughts: Nigeria Day 4

Bob is in Nigeria right now as part of a short term trip with Wycliffe Associates.  You can find out more HERE.  He is sending his journals back to me on email.  He has not been able to access the internet on his own computer.  This email came from the BGAN system he just finished installing with the C'Lela language, in the far west of the country, near the Benin border.  You can read the previous journals here; Day 1Day 2, Day 3

The most unique impression I've felt so far driving through Nigeria is people. There are people literally everywhere. In the cities it seems absurdly packed with people walking, standing, sitting, driving, etc. everywhere, but it's also true in the country: there is always someone in a field hoeing, walking along the road carrying something, flagging down passing vehicles to get a ride, sitting at a little stand waiting for someone to come, etc.

We went through one military checkpoint, and I saw the soldier look inside, say to the driver, “missionaries?” and he replied, “yes, missionaries”, and then they waved us through.

Being able to see where the schools are and where I see kids in school uniforms walking along the road, I can say that kids walk literally miles to go to school. It's pretty amazing.

Most surprising thing so far: a small compact car carrying three men and three goats.As we travel further, people definitely push their transportation harder out here. I was impressed when I saw 7 people crammed into a compact car, until I saw a 9-person family crammed into one, and that was only impressive until I saw 4 grown men riding a motorcycle. Whew.

I got to talk to Daniel, our Nigerian Bible Translation Trust (NBTT) coworker and guide. He started working for NBTT when he was in Bible school and pastoring a church. He decided to translate the Bible into his native language, and so he contacted NBTT. 6 years later, in addition to coordinating the other 81 projects in NBTT, he is finishing up his New Testament translation and is planning to finish the Old Testament in the next 3 years. He is a busy man. He isn't married; when we asked about his family he talked about his mother and father and 9 siblings. I think only a single guy could have so much going at once.
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