Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daleville Christian Church

One thing that surprises us again and again is how God is working things together for us, that we are not even aware of. In June, we visited Bob's aunt in Muncie, Indiana and had the opportunity to meet her pastor. He had a fellow student in Seminary who was planning to be a Bible Translator and work for Wycliffe has been passionate about Wycliffe ever since. The church has been praying for us since we announced our plans and have our picture on their missions board.

We returned to the church this past weekend to share with them about our ministry and the personal role they can play in Bible Translation. We are excited to provide them  with a way they can be personally involved in bringing the scriptures to the Bibleless people of Nigeria.  

The Children's message was about the different languages around the world.  In Germany they need German Bibles.  Lydia enjoyed sitting with the bigger kids to listen.  
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