Friday, July 8, 2011

Faith Goal for ICC

We have deliberately avoided using this blog as a platform to invite people to be financial partners in our ministry with Wycliffe, and we don't intend to do so very often, but we have a specific need that we wanted to make known. As many of you know, Wycliffe is a faith-based organization, and members such as us do not receive a guaranteed salary but rely on people and churches to give faithfully to meet our needs.

Since Bob returned from his recent trip to Nigeria we are even more eager to be there and to support the 81 translation projects going on. There are now two things still standing between us and Nigeria: raising our financial budget and one more training course, called ICC.

We are scheduled to attend the ICC (Inter-Cultural Communication) course in Waxhaw, NC during the month of August. This training will prepare us for the stress of living cross-culturally, and is required for overseas assignments. We are looking forward to learning the skills necessary to survive and to serve in another cultural context.

We must have 50% of our budget raised before attending, but right now we have commitments from partners that cover only 30% of our monthly needs. If we are unable to get to 50% by July 22nd, the cut-off date, we will not be able to attend this training, and we will have to delay attending until January, which will significantly change our departure timetable for Nigeria.

If you have considered joining our partnership team, now would be a good time to let us know. You can let us know of your commitment by signing up HERE, or by sending us an email at to let us know. We definitely appreciate special one-time gifts, but to meet this deadline we need regular (preferably monthly) commitments to support us as we live in Nigeria. We don't even necessarily need money given at this time, even if you sign up. We need to know if you can make a specific commitment that we can plan on, so that Wycliffe can know that we will be provided for as we step out to serve with them in Nigeria.

Whether you join our partnership team at this time or not (or if you already have), please pray with us that we reach this goal, if it is God's will, and that God's sovereign timing is perfect in leading us to Nigeria.
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