Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ICC - Date Change

Previously, we have talked about our goal to attend ICC in August. Just before we left for our vacation last week with Cynthia's family, we prayed to God about what we should do about ICC*. It was coming quick, but we hadn't been released to attend because our financial support level wasn't at the recommended 50%. It was worrying us quite a bit, because we couldn't finalize plans to attend and we couldn't plan other partnership development trips or speaking engagements because we wanted to wait and and give God the opportunity to show up in a big way and make ICC possible.

As we prayed, we really felt like God was telling us that the timing wasn't right. In this case, the lack of funds was a closed door, indicating that we should plan to attend ICC during the next session in January, when we will be much closer to leaving for Nigeria. It wasn't the answer we wanted to hear, especially me, but I feel confident that it's what God was saying to us.

ICC is meant to prepare us for working cross-culturally, and it will be best to be fresh on our minds just before going over to Nigeria. At this point, we're at 36% of the way to raising the partnership team that we need, so we won't be heading to Nigeria until that's completed.

As I've told anyone who's asked, God told me that we were to pursue this opportunity with Wycliffe, so I'm confident that we're in His will, but He's never given me the time line, even when I've asked. This is one of those situations where we made our plans the best that we understood, but it seems that God's will is for us to learn some patience. We will continue to be obedient and trust Him. Thank you all for your prayers as we continue on this journey of faith.

* - ICC stands for Inter-Cultural Communications, and is a Wycliffe course designed to prepare prospective cross-cultural missionaries for the challenges and stresses they will face overseas. It is our last training requirement before we can go to Nigeria.
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