Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We have been asked several questions over and over again as we share about our ministry. Here are some of the answers:

 What about the kids? Will you homeschool?
One of the things that drew us to working with Wycliffe Nigeria Group was the demographics of the staff. Lots of young families are in Wycliffe Nigeria, so both kids will have lots of playmates. Right now is a great age to take them to a new place because we don't have to pull them out of school and activities and they will quickly adjust to knowing nothing different. When they are ready to start school we will decide what is best for their education. There is an international school in Jos, were we will be living, and many of the expatriates there have recommended it highly. Our other option is to homeschool. We will see what is the best fit for our family when it is time to decide.

How long will you be gone?
Our assignment is for 3 years. We do not expect to return home to America during that time, unless there is an emergency of some sort. We will come home for a furlough after our term, and following this furlough we will choose whether to find a new assignment or return to Nigeria.

Where will you live?
We are not translators but support staff, so we will be living in Jos, which is a city of close to 1 million people. We will live in a house like in America, which we will rent. We will live on a compound with several other houses (most occupied by other missionaries) and will have security at the gate 24 hours a day. The compound we will be living on provides consistent electricity for about 6 hours a day, which will be good because the government power is extremely unreliable.. We will also have running water from gravity fed tanks when the power is out.

What can you take with you?
Logistics channels are not reliable for us to plan to ship belongings to Nigeria ahead of us. So we will be taking what we can carry in our luggage allowance and buying larger items when we get there. Depending on the airline we will have 2-3 50 lb bags for our belongings. We will take the basics and some extras that will be hard to get over there that we will want, like comfort foods, quality shoes, extra batteries, etc. The group there in Jos has given us much advice on what we should plan to take with us.

What language do they speak will you go to language school?
We are going to Nigeria because there are 500 languages spoken and most still need some level of Bible translation and linguistics work done. But, Nigeria is a former British colony, so English is the national language. We will also learn basic Hausa, which is the trade language used in the region we will be living.

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