Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Since we will be attending ICC later than we planned, our timeline has changed and we are not leaving when we initially thought we would. This has been hard for us to come to grips with, but we are trusting God that He will get us to Nigeria in His timing. We know that we are greatly needed there.
In April, when Bob left his salaried position at Wycliffe USA for us to focus full time on developing our partnership team,his replacement started the following Monday. In Nigeria, the previous IT technician left Nigeria over a year ago and the desk remains empty today. No one has been able to fill this role adequately for over a year now. We are blessed in America to have been surrounded by evolving technology for decades and therefore many people are available who are talented at working with it. Technology is equally vital in Nigeria for Bible Translation, but there are few skilled IT laborers, and even fewer who are available to help translation projects.
When Bob was in Nigeria, he spoke with Daniel Gya, the Nigerian Bible Translation Trust coordinator for translation projects, and Daniel described how he used to regularly send translators who had computer difficulties up the road to the Wycliffe Nigeria office to have their computers fixed. For the past year, this hasn't worked as well; there are a couple volunteers helping out odd hours with computer issues, but nobody full-time. Daniel would like to be able to send translators to Wycliffe for computer help like he has in the past, and we are eager to fill this need.
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