Thursday, August 25, 2011

Testify: A Microwave

God gave us a microwave last week. The one we had been using we discovered had some rust developing on the inside and also would occasionally spark. Now it wasn't all the time but still not good but something we were cautiously living with. I had begun to pray because it began to make me uneasy and I no longer felt I could leave something unattended when it was cooking just in case.
I was visiting a friend who was in the middle of moving and she asked if I knew anyone who needed a microwave, if not she was going to give it to a new international student who needed one. When I shred with her our need she was excited to be able to be the answer to my prayers.
I was meeting with her to start planning a fundraising dinner we are having next month but because she was moving, it didn't work out for us to meet that day and we rescheduled for later, but God knew I needed a microwave so it was not wasted time.
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