Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite things about being "home"

We have been married over 4 years now and lived in 3 vastly different parts of the country, now that we have returned to "our roots" in the midwest, there are certain things that make it feel like home.  Here are our top ten things we are enjoying about being "home".  
  1. Getting to share the little moments in life with our parents
  2. We get to reconnect with old friends from college
  3. Proving the “Boomerang Anointing” to be true
  4. Having 4 seasons of weather. Well, at least we enjoy 3 of the 4.
  5. The Big Ten Football, Go Illini!
  6. Driving on country roads past the cattle, barns, corn and soybeans. Related: sweet corn just isn't the same in Florida.
  7. Seeing deer, rabbits, turkeys in the yard
  8. Everyone knows what a Saluki is
  9. The international diversity of our church community
  10. The Grandparents will babysit for free
Next week we'll share 10 things that we miss from Florida, our last home.
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