Monday, September 26, 2011

Testify: Winter Clothes

We are realizing how much we have become Floridans as we adjust to the crisp fall weather.  We are also realizing how inadequate our wardrobes are for the cooler temps.  Since we are living by faith and have no guarantee of the size of our paycheck, planning a shopping spree was going to be difficult.

I began praying for warm clothes for the kids a few weeks ago, and God has shown up.

  • We received our monthly check from Wycliffe of the gifts that had been given to us during the previous month and were able to budget money for each of us to buy the clothes we need for the cold weather ahead.  
  • the next day, when we dropped the kids of a daycare recently the woman was preparing for a garage sale and had all her kids clothes laid out, she has a son and daughter both bigger than our kids.  She let us go through the piles free of charge.  We came home with 2 bag of clothes for the kids.  
  • About a week later there was a 3 day consignment sale in the area, and I was able to pick up the rest of what the kids needed at very reduced prices.  
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