Thursday, September 15, 2011

We miss you Orlando

Moving to different parts of the country has given us a chance to compare lifestyles and places. Moving back home (to Illinois) has been strange as we've realized how we grew accustomed to things that we never had as kids, but had been subconsciously relying on. As we have settled in to our new home in Southern Illinois, we are reminded daily how much different small town life is from the larger city we left behind. 

Here are the top 10 things we miss from Orlando:
  1. Our wonderful playgroup with plenty of playdates and friends for Lydia (and Caleb)
  2. The choice of convenient Targets to go shopping.
  3. Working with the great people at Wycliffe USA HQ
  4. Going to SeaWorld or the beach whenever we felt like it
  5. Endless options for restaurants for date night
  6. Our connection group at church, sharing life together
  7. A paved driveway for Lydia to draw with her chalk with the neighbors
  8. Girls Night Out and shopping the outlet malls
  9. Once Upon an Child for nearly new toy, shoes and clothes for the kids
  10. The Orange County Library with home delivery for library books
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