Tuesday, October 4, 2011

40 Days of Prayer - Day 12

-- Wycliffe USA in the middle of 40 days of prayer for Bible translation.  Each day a new prayer request is posted on the Prayer blog.  Today's post is about technology. --

Accelerating the Pace with Technology
Information technology fuels the Bible translation movement
Laptops, email, cutting-edge software, satellite systems, mobile phones, tablets…There’s no denying information technology (IT) is at the heart of almost everything we do. Bible translation is no exception.
Technology devices and the programmers, database specialists, network administrators, web developers, IT managers, and others who provide and operate these tools make it possible to accelerate the pace of Bible translation. As a direct result of technology, in some cases the time it takes to complete a translation has been cut to a third of what it used to be only a decade ago. Through the use of BGAN* satellite terminals, remote areas aren’t so remote. And, translation checks which often require outside consultants to meet with translation teams are easier to coordinate, faster, and more accurate. Advances in technology are helping to make Vision 2025 possible.
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