Friday, October 14, 2011

Dinner with a Friend

One of the great things about how God works is how he prepares us before hand and works things together. One of my closest friends in college and still today is Ezanya. She is from Nigeria and has been a great resource to us as we begin to prepare for living in her country. We visited her city and she made a Nigerian dinner for us. Bob confirmed how similar it was to what he ate when he went to Nigeria in June.
Red Stew (Chicken) with Beans and Rice
She made us Rice, Beans and a red stew with Chicken. It was really yummy and a great chance for us to get used to what we will be eating lots of. Caleb also enjoyed the rice, Lydia not so much. We had a good laugh because those who know me know I have zero spice tolerance. I need sour crème on my “mild” enchiladas. Ezanya included chili powder in the red sauce, she and Bob both commented on the level of spice before I had even taken one bite, making be very nervous to even try it. I did try in and with some sour cream enjoyed my whole plate. Sour cream may not be available in Nigeria but our friends the Winklers have told us about making and using yogurt instead. Check out their blog for a recipe. Now if we can just Lydia to eat rice...

Caleb enjoyed the plain rice

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