Thursday, October 6, 2011

Testify: A hat

When I (Bob) visited Nigeria in June, at one of the translation projects where Bob Bates and I installed a satellite internet system, we were each given a suit in thanks for us installing it for them. It was very generous of them, and I was very pleased with it. It came home with us, and I've worn it a couple times since then. However, it didn't come with a hat, and Nigerian clothing is usually worn with a particular type of hat, which is sort of like a beret (at least more than anything else I can think to compare it to).
On the day of our presentation in Carbondale, Cynthia and I were in our Nigerian garb and were getting ready for our presentation. A student named Victor, who was from Nigeria, saw us and said he liked my suit, and I told him that it was too bad I didn't have a matching hat to make it really authentic. He told me he might have something for me and that he'd bike home and be back before our presentation. He returned about a half hour later, with a hat that perfectly matched the color of the suit, and fit me great. He explained to me that he had bought it in the airport just before leaving Nigeria several years before, and hadn't worn it since, and hadn't been sure even why he had bought it. It seems now that God had him buy it so he could bless me with it on the day of our presentation. Praise God for the ways he watches out for us in little things every day, and praise Him for the generosity of the people He has brought into our lives.

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