Friday, October 21, 2011

Traveling with Kids

The kids seem to be used to traveling this year. This 2 week trip didn't phase them and they each hit milestones while we were gone.

Lydia (32 months)- She decided that potty training would best be learned while on the move and not at home. Mom is glad for Pull-ups. She was interested in the potty throughout the last month or so. A week before we traveled she was consistantly going when asked and decided she was ready for “underwear” (Pull-Ups) the day we left home. So far so good, we are still getting it down perfectly but we are well on our way to only 1 kid in diapers!

She has grown from a toddler to a child overnight. She is speaking original thoughts and starting new conversation topics. She can carry on a conversation on the phone. We are enjoying the big girl that she is growing into.

Caleb (13 months)- He is our cuddlebug right now. He is content to sit in our laps often and is showing some separation anxiety. We are still awaiting his first teeth to pop through. We can see them they just aren't there. Caleb got tired of waiting for teeth to eat real food, he started showing a real interest in our meals while we were traveling. He has done well with everything we have given him.

We also caught him standing up unassisted a couple times and he will now walk holding only one hand. All too soon he will be running after his sister instead of just crawling.  
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