Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lydia's Faith

We went on a retreat with our church recently.  The theme was faith, both Bob and I had our faith stretched.  Lydia had some moments that encouraged me and reminded me of the awesome task we are entrusted with as parents.

Each of the parents were asked to take a session in childcare.  Bob and I took the first night.  When it was time for snack we asked the kids if anyone wanted to pray for the snack and the first hand to shoot up was our Lydia.  She was one of the youngest children there.  She said the prayer and thanked God for her friends and the food.

One of the mornings when we were getting ready Lydia found the Gideon's Bible in the drawer of the nightstand.  She pulled it out and asked Daddy to read the Bible to her. 

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