Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Virtual Stress Relief

Lydia has her own computer now with some simple games and her favorite is not what you would expect. Bob being the geek that he insisted on looking for free open source software for Lydia before going the easy route at the store. We found a variety of programs including a version of the “One Laptop per Child” software, and simple paint programs. But by far her favorite go to game is “Stress Relief 2.0” You have a virtual hammer or other tool and can “destroy” your desktop. Your tools of choice include: Hammer, Chainsaw, Gun, Flamethrower, Color Thrower, Phaser, Stamp, Termites, and a washer.  The game is meant for adults who get mad at the computer but it works for our 3 year old as well!  Check it out; its free to download.  

We are a 3 operating system family now, Linux, Apple and Windows, take your pick at our house.  Some of the computers even run a combination of Operating Systems.  That what happens with a geek running things :-)
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