Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cynthia's Thoughts: Christmas Recap

December was a special time in our house. We focused on Advent as a preparation of our hearts to celebrate Jesus' miracle birth. Lydia was old enough to begin to “get it”. We attended a Christmas musical at our church. We read Christmas stories and talked about Jesus being a baby. Since then she pretends to be baby Jesus curling up in the toy basket with a blanket.
Our schedule has been insane this year and it was special to be able to sit still and focus on being a family and the simple routine of being home. Right now God has Emmanuel has been special to me. “God is with us” As I have done some reading this year one of the unique points of Christianity is the humility and relationship our God has with us. Other religions are about doing things to impress God or being good enough. Our God choose to come to us, in our world and be a mere human. God gives us grace because he loves us. No other religion includes Grace.
As we look forward to 2012 more change is on the way for the Heren family. But above all we know God is in control, nothing surprises God, and God is outside time as we know it.  
New Year's Eve hike at Giant City Park
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