Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lydia's 1st Bible

We had the privilege of taking Lydia to the bookstore to buy her first Bible. We were excited to encourage her interest. As we saw her interest begin we started looking at the variety of choices for a children's Bible. We narrowed it down to a few and looked them over at the store based on the illustrations, number of stories included and translation used. We had lots of choices. She enjoys reading it every night at bedtime with daddy. Her favorite story is Moses in the basket.  When we think about the work we are a part of in Bible Translation, we realize how lucky we are to have choices when buying a Bible and having a child who at nearly 3 can begin to learn to read the Bible. 

Mulindi, a Bwisi man, had just attended a local seminar designed to teach Bible study leaders how to use the translated Scriptures. “This is the 50th year that I have been attending church, but I have never, ever read any Bible verse in my language.  I am like the old man, Simeon, in the Bible, whom the Holy Spirit promised he would not die without seeing the Messiah.  God has given me a time of grace in this world so that I can hear the Word of God in my own language, the language which I understand.  No one can understand the plans of God; people used to say that no one would manage to write the Bible in Bwisi because it is an un-writable language…but here it is!”

We are truly blessed to have choices when it come to reading the Bible.   
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