Monday, January 9, 2012

How was your weekend?

Saturday started out like an average weekend.  We took the morning slow because a friend and the grandparents were coming over in the afternoon for a birthday party for Lydia.  Grandma called in the morning to suggest we meet at the park since it was in the 50s, abnormal weather for So. IL.  The kids would enjoy running around so we agreed and called our friends.  
The kids had a great time playing.  Caleb hadn't been to a playground since he started walking and running so he was having fun.  Lydia was all over the place enjoying the space to run and explore.  

Caleb being the cautious boy he is decided the best way to go down the slide was on his belly feet first.  So he did a few times.  I decided to go with him in my lap so I set him on a platform and climbed up the other side.  Only to have Caleb turn around to his belly to slide off the side I had just set him on.  Not Good!  I was to far away and Grandma dove to catch him and hit her head on the platform.  Cale was fine but Grandma got an ambulance ride to the hospital and 12 stitches!  
Bob likes to say she has more injuries from being a grandma than a mom!  Our party moved to our house for cake and presents minus a few guests as the weather cooled off.  It was good to see Grandma when she stopped by on the way home from the hospital to see us.  What a birthday party to remember!

Sunday we were still thinking about the party the day before and it was going normal, until I was helping Lydia get ready for her nap and sat on my knees.  I felt a sharp pain on the back of my leg that I couldn't shake.  I finally when to change out of my church dress in the middle of helping Lydia and Bob discovered a wasp crawling on my dress!  I had been stung after trapping a wasp under my legs! Time to sit on an ice pack...  And to top off the eventful weekend we had an epic battle of the wills  with Lydia over eating her dinner. 

So how was your weekend? :-)
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