Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's Next: Dealing with Depression

We shared with our January newsletter that we aren't heading to Nigeria because we have realized I have moderate depression.  We have tried to fight this unwanted roadblock for several months without even realizing what we were fighting.  In October we remembered the member care department at Wycliffe and I started talking to someone.  She had me take a survey to see where I fell on the scale.  1 being not depressed and 5 being severe, I was a 4.  That was a surprise.

We worked at it and I had someone to talk to who could help me process everything that was going on.  At Christmas my counselor sought some other opinions from colleagues and they unanimously agreed talking wasn't enough and I needed some stronger help to win this battle.  This made Bob and I reexamine the plans that we had been building our life on.  But most important we decided we wanted to fight together.  So we are beginning to make plans for a different kind of life, one where first I can be whole, and second where we can all enjoy life again.

One sleepless night not so long ago I stumbled upon a blog that has brought much comfort and support over the last few weeks.  Post-Partum Progress.  It started as one woman's battle with PPD, but it has grown to being a place for information and hope for all women with Post-Partum Depression.

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