Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bible Stacks: Scripture Wealth

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We bought Lydia, my daughter her first Bible recently, it made me consider how many Bibles we own. I mentioned this to my family. So we went on a hunt. We gathered them from around the house, we even pulled a box out of storage. We had Bibles of all shapes and sizes, different translations, one with pictures, one on CD for use on the computer and many were sitting in a box unused. Scripture Wealth.

It wasn't until our family got involved with Wycliffe that I began to realize how much I take having the Bible for granted. While we have extra Bibles sitting in a box collecting dust, there are people around the world who can't wait to get their hands on even a portion of scripture in their language. For Aksamina, a language helper for the Berik people of Indonesia, it was her dying wish for her husband, Essau, to help finish the translation for their language.  Essau saw their New Testament dedicated in 1993.

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I challenge you to discover how wealthy you are in scriptures.  Do the same exercise and share your thoughts with us.  One lucky person with get their thoughts shared on the OneVerse blog and get a free t-shirt.  You can link up with us at Meredith's blog or if you don't have a blog you can share with us on the OneVerse Facebook Wall. What are you waiting for, go discover your wealth and show the world!

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