Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Faith to walk on water, Again

When Peter got out of the boat to walk on water with Jesus it was his faith that let him experience his own miracle.  This miracle occurred immediately after Jesus fed the 5000 and the disciples watched him multiply a modest lunch for one person to feed thousands with leftovers.  The first experience grew Peter's faith to make the second one possible.  In 2010 we grew in faith as we obediently followed God's call to ministry with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  In April Bob quit his job so we could focus full time on preparing to go to Nigeria.  We saw God do amazing things and we experienced how he met our needs.  We have the faith now to trust God as we change course and leave full time ministry.  God was faithful then and he is doing it again.

We have been working on our new course for a few weeks now and God is showing up.  When Bob started looking for a new job, he called his previous supervisor to see if there was any chance of coming back or openings in the department, there weren't any.  He searched online and found a dozen jobs and applied.  One of the jobs has called him back and he is almost through the 5-part interview process.  It looks promising and we should know within a week or two.  A few days ago, Bob's previous supervisor tracked him down again and let him know that someone is leaving and the position is one Bob previously held.  What a God we serve, that in this economy God is preparing a place for us.  
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