Monday, March 12, 2012

10 God Moments in 1 month

2 weeks ago I shared how God gave us a bed for Lydia before I said a word to anyone about it, that was only one of the God Moments/Miracles we have had as we transition out of support-raising missionary life to a more settled life in Orlando.  Lets review the last month:  

1. Bob's Job- By some God miracle Bob is able to go back to a very similar job to the one he had a year ago. He loved his job and can't wait to start this week. He had called his supervisor in January when our plans started changing and she didn't know of any openings, and a few weeks later called to let us know someone was going to be leaving after all. 

2.  Medication for me- We changed our plans to move overseas based on the realization that the hard time I was having adjusting was not just a difficult transition but something bigger, post-partum depression from Caleb's birth. Before we left Southern Illinois we were able to find a doctor (on the second try) who would work with us and was able to find a good medication that is helping me right now. I thank God that the first medication we tried, had a very positive effect.

3.  Finding a place to live- We decided to move back to Orlando where we feel most at home but also where a large number of homes are in foreclosure, we were able to find a great place to rent in our old neighborhood through a missionary network, and we seem to have a great landlord. 

4.  Helping driving South- Having family help us move wasn't working out and would delay our return to Orlando. Soon after Bob got the job offer I was talking with a family friend and discovered that they vacation in Florida. We also learned his work is pretty seasonal and hadn't picked up yet for the spring. He and his wife & son graciously drove our moving truck to Orlando for us. They enjoyed a day at the beach before returning home.

5.  Something to Leave Behind- When Bob left his job at Wycliffe last year I got him a cake to celebrate our leap of faith. The small group we were a part of the last 3 months we were in Illinois, surprised us with a identical size cake at our last meeting. They had no idea about the first cake, and that special group of people made leaving Illinois that much harder. 

6. Help loading the truck- We loaded our truck on Friday morning, we had a hard time finding people who were available to help us. We had 2 special families come help us in addition to Bob's family. Everyone who helped came at just the right time so we had plenty of help and were done in record time before the severe weather hit our area that day. 

7.  Weather while Traveling- We rushed to load our truck before a major storm hit our area and succeeded. The storm hit right at lunch time so we didn't waste anytime on the weather. After the storm passed it was immediately clear blue skies and we had good weather the other 2 days of the trip south!

8.  A Place to Call Home- The way timing worked out we were a little risky in not seeing our house before we moved in. I was sad because we knew it didn't have a screened porch. When we arrived, however, we were pleasantly surprised to discover it had built-in entertainment center, bookshelves, and desk and there was treehouse and swings for the kids in the backyard!

9.  Reinforcements- We arrived on a Sunday night at the same time our church has started having evening service so many of our church friends were unavailable to help us out. We knew one of Bob's co-workers was planning to come and when he arrived he brought reinforcements, his 2 teenage sons and 2 of their friends. They were a great team and we were done quickly. 

10.  A Washer & Dryer- 10 months ago when we left Orlando we sold the majority of our furniture and stuff because we had every intention of not returning before we moved overseas. We needed a washer and dryer for our new place and had no budget for one. We started looking and prayed. We mentioned it to our landlord and he remembered he had an old set in his storage garage and if we could repair the washer they were ours. One short service call later we had a working set!

And One more just for kicks:
Friday night we met one of our neighbors as they were setting up a garage sale for saturday morning.  They had a couch and a set of nightstands we were interested in.  We talked it over and planned to return on saturday to give them our answer, again not sure about the finance side of the purchase.  We didn't "need" either one and were content with our choice.  We left for the day and had some great family time.  When we returned the sale was over.  Later the neighbors came over and told us they had a successful sale, better than they expected and the 2 items we were interested in didn't sell so they wanted to give them to us, free of charge! Praise God!

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