Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Easy Choice

Bob started his new job at Wycliffe last week.  We want to share how God has faithfully provided this job and answered our specific prayers.  Bob applied for a dozen jobs in January while we waited to see where God wanted us.  He prayed that God would provide the job we needed, and also that God would make it clear what direction He wanted us to go now by what job He provided, and would make the choice easy. Bob also called his supervisor from Wycliffe, the job he left in April  2010 to focus on our partnership team in preparation to serve in Nigeria.  She did not know any potential openings in his old department, so we applied elsewhere.  Bob quickly got a call back from another position in Orlando and began the interview process.  These interviews provided us hope as we waited for an offer.  Bob received positive feedback and completed 4 of 5 interviews.

Then we got a call.  There was an unexpected opening in his old department. Bob applied and was quickly offered the position.  He was also still in the running for the other position. Both jobs had attractive qualities.  We were waiting to finish the interview process, when we got an email informing Bob that the other position was pursuing another candidate and not Bob.  Suddenly we had only one offer, and the decision was easy; just as Bob had prayed.

We are excited to be back at the Wycliffe USA Mobilization Center in Orlando, as we continue to support Bible Translation around the world with IT and our blogging.

Last week we got to share our passion with some friends from Carbondale.  Eboni and Kyla visited us during Spring Break.  Eboni realized how much we take having accessible scripture for granted when so many people desire it but still have to wait.

Why is the Bible important to you?
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