Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Perfect Day

Last Saturday was a great day!  It was our first peaceful weekend in our new home.  Friday night we had discussed what we wanted to do during the weekend and we had some surprises as well.  Lydia knocked on my door in the morning to tell me Bob had made pancakes for breakfast, and they were ready.  We had talked about having pancakes but I wasn't expecting to wake up to them.

We started looking online for garage sales and deals for specific items we were looking for, a bike for Bob and a double stroller for the kids.  We found a great deal on craigslist for a double stroller and drove to check it out, and bought it.

We got home and packed some lunches and headed out for a family adventure at Downtown Disney.  The weather was beautiful and we had a great time.  Some renovations we had noticed a year ago were completed and we got to visit the new and improved Lego store.  The kids had fun building at the play tables inside and out, and Lydia built a potato head at another store.

We didn't realize until we got home that Caleb's sippy cup didn't have a rubber stopper so he was making a mess and got all wet.  No reason for him not to play in the splash pad... He had a great time in the water, giggling when he would get surprised by a spray.

We are in the homestretch of potty training and Lydia is doing great.  She was rewarded on our day out with a princess lollipop.  It took her a whole week to eat it, and she enjoyed every minute of it.

We ended our day with a boat ride across the lake back to our car.  Everyone had a great time!

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