Thursday, March 1, 2012

Prayers for a Bed

We are moving this weekend back to Orlando and want to share one of the ways God has provided for us as we transition again.

Since May Lydia has been sleeping in a borrowed bed from the grandparents.  Now that our plans have changed to exclude moving overseas, Lydia having her own bed was an issue.  I began praying and hadn't even discussed it with Bob.

After we sent our January Newsletter out some friends in the area contacted us and said they were planning to sell a set of bunk-beds in their garage sale this spring but would give them to us if we could use them. 

YES Please!
Last week Bob drove to their house and picked up a set of red bunk-beds that will be for Lydia when we get to Orlando, we just have to get mattresses.  Caleb is still sleeping in the crib and we will decide later if they will share a room or separate the beds.  

Thank You Lord for answering our silent prayers!
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