Thursday, March 15, 2012

Third Thursday Thoughts: Super Mom with the Power to...

Life is just beginning to settle into a routine for our family after a cross country move at the beginning of the month and my husband being employed full time outside the home for the first time in nearly a year.  In the moments of high stress, I have daydreamed what it would be like if I had a super power, much like the characters on my daughter's favorite show Super Why!  I wish I could move things with my mind.  I could just think that the box would be unpacked and it would happen.  That instead of spending 3 days in the car driving to our new house we could wave a wand and be there.  It would be so much less stressful don't you think?

It would be wonderful to say the magic words Bippity Boppity Boo and have my kitchen come to life to make dinner and the boxes of books unpack on the shelves.  Oh what a dream that would be. 

Oh but alas, The process of unpacking has reminded us whats important.  The kids haven't even noticed that less than 1/2 of their toys are unpacked,  sitting at a folding table for dinner means we are all closer together to talk and share the day, and garage sales are for finding hidden treasures.  

Hearts at Home has a devotional book called Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God, by Mary Demuth

You may feel like an ordinary, everyday woman, but you're not. You're a woman with an extra ordinary call on your life - motherhood - and you have an extraordinary God to run to when you need emotional, mental, and spiritual renewal. 
Writer, speaker, and mom Mary DeMuth creatively focuses on the gift of motherhood as she considers:
  • resting quietly in the Lord, even on crazy–busy days.
  • being thankful for the duties as well as the joys of being a mom.
  • offering God a heart to prune so that it can continue to bear good fruit.

God knows you and cares about your burdens. Let Him call you to Himself and fill your days with peace, light, and joy that will show up in the most unexpected and extraordinary ways.
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