Monday, April 30, 2012

Lost and Found

Saturday, Bob was out and had his phone and his Nook. Somehow, (we aren't sure how) the Nook didn't make it home.  Yet Bob remembers having it when he was picked up.  We spent the afternoon looking around the house and searching the car for it, to no avail, and we went to bed assuming we would find it the next day in the house somewhere.

Sunday morning before we left for church he got an email from someone who found it, asking to meet up to return it.  We hadn't thought it was gone yet to even pray for its safe return.

Monday night he met the person at the bus station they found it at to get it back.  And we are in awe of God's goodness.  First, it was not found even in the area of town where Bob lost it, but much closer to our house.   Someone seems to have picked it up, rode a bus into town, and then themselves lost it at a bus stop further down the route. Or maybe whoever found it first didn't like the book selections on it and dumped it somewhere else.   Second, of all the people in Orlando to find it and email us, it was someone we knew from church! What a surprise to meet them at the bus stop!

Bob has his Nook back safe and sound and we are in awe.  

God is Good!

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