Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Blog Name!

I have redesigned the blog and made some changes to it recently, mostly in keeping with the change our direction or family is taking in ministry.  In January we shared how God was redirecting us out of faith-supported overseas missions and to a stable place back in Orlando, at least for now.  Our blog over the last year was a place for us to write and keep partners updated about the work we were doing in preparing to serve in Nigeria.  The blog existed before our mission work and it will continue to exist.

The blog has grown to be place for me to really write and share with others.  At the beginning of the year I felt God calling me to grow the blog and be intentional about using in the coming year.  I put any planning and dreaming on hold until we figured out our new direction and could get settled which leads us to now.  I was praying for a new name that would be more descriptive of the changes in our life and the content of our blog.  I feel God gave me the name, "failed missionaries living faith filled lives"  Here'n Now was the name of our missionary newsletter, with a play on our last name.

Many people have questioned the "failed" in the title.  I don't like it either as a word to describe our career change, but I do like the phrase.  "failed missionaries living faith-filled lives"  One of the leading causes for a missionary to leave the field is burnout of their work and faith.  We didn't have this happen to us.  Instead the last year has grown our faith.  We saw God work in our lives personally in a way we never expected, and also those around us.  In having the depression arise that most immediately led to our change we have received only the greatest care and support from our organization as we have transitioned.  We very well could have been kicked to the curb since we weren't full members having not completed our fundraising.  We were not, I am receiving counseling through our organization, Bob's old position in the organization opened up and we are looking for other ways to stay involved.

On paper our career as missionaries failed, at least for now, but it left us with even more faith in our everyday lives and and even greater passion for world missions and Bible translation and that is what our new name and blog direction is going to be.  Writing about the God moments we get to experience, witness, hear and share.  God is sovereign and we wouldn't be in a place to write what we are if it not for the trials and difficult times we have had over the last year but we have let the experience grow us instead of break us.

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