Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thank You Facebook

There are stories been shared how social media and Facebook have helped people find each other, either lost siblings, adopted children or even organ donors.  Last month my family got our own story.  My dad and his sister had a falling out 15 years ago when I was a child.  Although it was never discussed the greatest loss I felt was the relationship with my 2 cousins.  My cousins and my brother were too young to have many memories of each other but I was older and did remember.

Facebook was only for college students when I was in school.   One day on a whim I searched and found my cousins.  It was nice to just find a picture of them all grown up.  We would send messages occasionally and I was able to reconnect with my aunt through her sons.  As we prepared to be missionaries I included their family in our mailings, little did I know those letters meant something to them.

My aunt was in poor health for over half her life but it wasn't discussed.  Last month she passed away and I was able to be a bridge for my family through the relationship we had rekindled on Facebook.  The reunion that took place in the during the few days we visited for the funeral was wonderful and the beginning of a new chapter for our family.

I never imagined when I reached out to my cousin that those little steps would place me to be a bridge of healing for my family, I am thankful for it and it made the 3 airplane rides with 2 kids worth every minute.

It can takes a death to put things in perspective sometimes.  Family relationships aren't something we choose, but they are deep and can be painful.  These relationships create opportunity for us to grow in humility and character when we choose what is important.

Thank You Facebook for reconnecting us.

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