Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thankful for the Words of God - Giveaway

This week we are giving away These Words Changed Everything, the story of Chamula Indians of Mexico hearing God's Words for the first time and how it radically changed their community

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The Chamula people couldn't comprend how the Ken and Elaine Jacobs, SIL translators, could devote their full attention to the translation work, and still have a means to provide for their living expenses.  When the Jacobs explained how other people in America were praying and sending them money so they could do the translation, the Chamula believers were amazed.  In gratitude upon the completion of the translation the leaders in the Chumula community  wrote a letter of thanks to the Jacobs' supporters in America.  A portion of it is quoted in the book and I share here with you.  

Because you have a goodness of Heart similar to that in the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, you felt it to be of extreme importance to send to Mexico Ken and Elaine Jacobs who were chosen by God to do the word of translating God's word for us. Now, the entire New Testament has been translated into our Chamula language, and we are able to say that we, the Chamulas of Chiapas, have in our possession and in our own language the Word of God. 

Before the coming of the Scriptures, year after year passed, and we never knew what God had to say to us. Now we Chamula Indians in large numbers are hearing God speak. We have come to know of forgiveness of our sins; we now know that God sees us well through Jesus Christ and what He has done; and we have come to know that we have new life through Jesus Christ.

Therefore, Brethren, accept our greetings and thanks as payment for what you have done for us. For, in reality, this is all we have with which to pay you. We have no silver or gold. The only thing we have to extend to you is Col a val.... 'Thank You'! (p 149)

How Grateful are you for having scripture you can easily read and study?  I know I take it for granted too often.  

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