Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1 year of faith

Its been a year.  I spent last mothers day sharing at a church in Tallahassee FL with our SUV in the parking lot hooked up to a 6x12ft trailer carrying all our possessions.  We ate lunch with some friends and hit the road heading north in an adventure of faith.  A year ago the plan was to live near family raise our budget and by fall be boarding a plane for Africa.  God had other ideas.  Here we are back where we started, back where didn't intend to return at least not long term.

It hit me like a tone of bricks sitting in church on Mother's Day Sunday, realizing that we never intended to be here right now.  This wasn't our plan.  But here we are.  Now the hard work begins and we feel the gaps, "no we weren't here last year for ____"

I feel the holes of missed experiences.  God is in control and it wasn't an accident we spent the last year living by faith.  But we didn't expect to be back where we started.  Its hard to see the big picture when right now the big question is, why there is this "hole year" in our life.  The year we floated between our families, the year we didn't have a home, the year we were nomads, the year our mail came to 3 addresses, the year we relied on God, the year God grew our faith.  
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