Monday, May 7, 2012

The 5 year wait for a 2nd Vehicle

We purchased a second vehicle!  We have been a 1 car family for nearly all of our 5 year year marriage.  I would say that it has been a good thing.  We have been forced to communicate more, make choices and sacrifices for each other when it comes to sharing the car.  As counter culture as it is I have enjoyed the sacrifice and lifestyle of sharing our car.  Now that the kids are getting older its a bigger deal to be able to get out and explore and change our surroundings.

While we were looking at garage sales this weekend we bought a bike and trailer!  So now the kids and I have our own vehicle to travel around it and our distance to travel from home has at least doubled.  I'm looking forward to taking the kids to the nearby swimming pool and parks, out of range of a short walk but very doable with a bike.  I think our library may even be in range now!

Carpools haven't come together for Bob like they did before so having the extra vehicle has begun to seem like a bigger deal.  So praise God we got our new set of wheels for $125 dollars

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