Monday, June 18, 2012

An appeal from Nigeria

During my trip to Nigeria last summer, I met a man who worked in the office of the primary Nigerian Bible translation organization, NBTT. I am not printing his name for security purposes, but he impressed all of us with his sincerity, earnestness and competence. Here is an email that I received from him yesterday:

Greetings to you in Jesus name Amen.
I will like you to intercede for Christians in the northern Nigeria for the series of suicide bombing on churches. the last one a week today was just four blocks to my house and three churches in Kaduna state today.
Christians in Nigeria need your prayers so that God will comfort and strengthened us always. I know many of us will be  asking if God really cares because of what is happening around us day and night, i believe this is the moment that the Nigerian Christians need you prayers the most. please pray for Us.
You can ask other believers to pray along side with us.
Thank you and remain blessed.

He's referring to the bombings reported herePlease join me in praying for these brothers and sisters in Christ who are in so much danger for the sake of Jesus' name. This is what Jesus told us would happen throughout history, and it is our responsibility to support those who are dealing with such intense, fearful circumstances.

God, I pray that You will comfort those who are grieving, as you promised in your Word. Please strengthen and uphold those who are being pursued by the enemy, and please help them know that You are with them and will never forsake them. Please deepen their faith and give them courage to respond rightly to those who hate You, and who hate them for Your sake. Please protect them and watch over them. I commit them to you, and pray that I may be able to have even a fraction of the courage that they show on a daily basis. Amen.

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