Monday, June 11, 2012

New Neighbors, New Answers

We found our current house in an unconventional way: we looked on the missionary bulletin boards for the area. We had found our last house this way and we trusted the integrity of the community. We moved in to our house without seeing before hand; we made all the arrangements over the phone with the landlord. We had some pleasant surprises like the awesome treehouse in the backyard, and we are enjoying getting to know many of our friendly neighbors.

The couple next door works for Cru, a missions organization next-door to Wycliffe, and they were the ones who posted the listing we saw. Bob as been able to get to know them more as she has shared some rides to work. In one conversation our recent life detour came up and they also shared about their own depression and what they discovered was causing it: an auto-immune disorder called Celiac, which is an intolerance to gluten. It just so happens that it is a genetic disorder that also runs in my family, but I had never thought I suffered from it. I began doing some research and in addition to the digestive system symptoms that others in my family have had (that I never have detected), depression, fatigue and anxiety are all symptoms as Celiac effects how your intestines absorb nutrients.

I have changed my diet over the course of a few weeks, starting first with my breakfast choices and noticed an immediate change. So between some antidepressants, which I will hopefully be weaning off of in time, and a major diet change, I have energy once again to enjoy life and not just get through life.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying this is a huge breakthrough for me and looking back I can see the symptoms all the way back to college. It can be a very tricky disease to diagnose, with a biopsy being the only sure way to diagnose it. We will keep you posted as we find out more.

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